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DIY Party Printables – What are They???

First time using Party Printables???

Welcome to the world of the DIY Party Printables!

Party Printables or printable digital files for parties are getting so much attention lately, that is for a few reasons.

First, you can buy the files, print from home and have a party ready without waiting days for your package to arrive.

Then there is great news about them: They are “green”! Yes, you still have to use ink and paper but since they don’t come from the other side of the planet then there is no contamination, they don’t travel thousands of miles to get to your home, and since you only print what you need there is no extra waste! Cool, right?

Most party printables are sent by email within 24 to 48 hours after you place your order, So within a couple of days You have your invitations all printed and ready to be sent out!! or your candybar wrappers ready to be wrapped around the candy bars and so on!

So here it is how it works:

First, you order any file that you like.

Then, you will receive an email with your file /s, ready to be printed (if some corrections are needed then a second email will be sent)

Once you have your file, download it to your computer and print it at home or take it to be printed at places like walgreens, walmart, kinko’s, Staples or any printing services that you like.

With your files printed is time to have some fun assembling the items for your party.

Some items may require different tools, but basically most of them can be made using scissors, glue, double sided tape and maybe a paper punch.

Now you are ready to have an amazing party!